Short Term

We offer short term storage to only customers who agree to use our moving service. We provide luxury home storage that is not only secure but also your storage space is air conditioned as well.

Why Choose Us:

. We offer security for your belongings, therefore you need not stress about your goods.
. We provide you with a clean storage space.
. The luxury storage service that we provide is on a personal level and we ensure that we have a high customer satisfaction.
. We place a corrugated mat and plastic sheets on the floor. We also cover furniture, this ensures that your furniture will not get damaged during the storage period.
. Goods that are fragile and that break easily such as: mirrors, windows and screens are padded and covered.
. We also provide storage for cars and small trucks.
. We ensure that all your goods are clean, flammable liquids and fuel free before placing them into storage. This ensures the safety of your goods.

Tips For Placing Goods For Short Term Storage:

. Ensure that you have everything organized in boxes and that they are sealed. Also ensure that you are using good quality and durable boxes.
. Label all of your boxes and keep an inventory of what you have in storage.
. It is prohibited to store live animals, perishables and explosives.
. If you are storing refrigerators, stoves, appliances etc, ensure that they are cleaned before placing them into storage.
. Stack and arrange your storage space out neatly.

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