Since we started moving people a long time ago, we have earned a reputation for having not only the best movers in the city, but the nicest. Here’s what some of customers have written about them:
“The men’s sense of camaraderie, courteous manners, positive attitude, and overall efficiency made it a real pleasure to have them around a personal family environment while they extended themselves and worked above and beyond the call of duty.”

“Your men showed up exactly on time, all were introduced, all were absolutely courteous, friendly, articulate, helpful and cheerful. They remembered all our names and addressed us by them. The entire move was totally trauma free.”

“We particularly appreciated the fact that the men were genuinely attentive to and considerate of our three year old daughter, who was underfoot from time to time.” “The job was done with skill and grace.”

“I was impressed not only with the way the crew loaded and unloaded my belongings, but also by their friendly and respectful manner. Recognizing that this was an emotional day for me, they managed to do their work without intruding on the difficult personal situation at hand.”

“What a pleasure it was to have Sun Moving work our job. Your estimate was reasonable and you stuck to your bid. Your movers were experienced, careful, considerate, kind and nice.”

“Your men couldn’t have been more careful and considerate. They made the day very relaxed for us.”

“Thanks for being so wonderful to work with and making the move less traumatic.”

“Moving is never easy, but Sun Moving made this particular move one of the most painless I can remember.”

“The experience which I fully expected to be a nightmare, was carried out like a routine piece of business by people who cared about their work.”

“What a wonderful bunch of guys you sent to move us! We can’t say enough about how pleased we were with their skill, effort, and ‘can-do’ attitude through a most difficult assignment.”

“This is the first time I actually enjoyed moving – a very positive start to life in my new apartment.”

“Your people are wonderful: helpful, pleasant, extremely competent and unfailingly kind. Sun Moving is the best!”

“The men made what could have been an extremely disruptive experience as pleasant as humanly possible.”

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