Long Distance Moving

AZ , CA , TX , CO , NM , NY

Long distance moving might sound as though it is impossible! It is indeed quite stressful, which is why we are here to assist you to make your long distance move less stressful and much easier. Sun Moving was founded in 1973, we have over 30 years of experience.

Why Choose Sun Moving:

. We are punctual, we pick up your belongings and deliver it on time.
. Our drivers are experienced and they will ensure that your goods get delivered to you safely.
. Your goods are insured.
. You can choose your prefered type of payment from our Easy Payment Options.
. Our trucks and our equipment are in immaculate condition. They are also well maintained and very clean. They are also modern and up to date.
. We have trained and careful members that ensure your goods aren’t damaged or misplaced during your move.
Your belongings are in good hands and treated with utmost care, even whilst on the long journey to your new home.
. We offer affordable prices and moreover excellent service!
. If you don’t have any packing materials, notify us, we will give you packing materials at cost price!
We operate 7 days a week and we also provide an emergency move service. We are usually able to move you on a few hours of notice.

Tips Before You Move:

. Plan your move as early as possible, by doing this you will have a sufficient amount of time for your journey to your new home.
. Make all the necessary arrangements in advance, in order to have a less stressful move.
. Start packing a week or a few days in advance, so that no packing needs to be done on the day of your move.
. Label all your boxes and packing materials such as: clothing, kitchen utensils, kitchen appliances etc.

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