Long Term

Finding reliable and safe long term storage for your precious belongings can be quite difficult. You can depend on us for security and reliability for long term storage. We provide you with excellent storage spaces at reasonable and affordable costs. We offer luxury home storage to customers who agree to use our moving service. Our luxury home storage is not only secure, it is air conditioned as well.

Why Choose Us:

. We offer storage for long periods of time and we ensure that your goods are safe.
. We provide you with a clean storage space.
. The luxury storage that we offer is on a personal level, we ensure we get a high customer satisfaction.
. We place a corrugated mat and plastic sheets on the floor.
. We cover furniture and we don’t stand it up against walls to ensure that they don’t get damaged over long periods of time.
. We ensure that all goods are clean, flammable liquids and explosives free before placing them into storage.
. Goods that are fragile such as mirrors, windows, screens etc are padded and covered before they are placed in storage.

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