Local Moving

At Sun Moving, we ensure that you have a complete stress-free local move, we take care of everything, you can depend on us. Sun Moving was founded in 1973, we have over 30 years of local moving.

Why Choose Sun Moving:

. We are experienced and 100% reliable.
. You can trust us with your goods and that they will be handled with utmost care.
. Your goods are insured, this puts your mind at ease.
. We pick up and deliver in a timely manner.
. We have trained and careful members, who ensure they don’t damage or misplace any of your belongings.
. Our trucks and equipment are not only modern and up to date, but they are also in an immaculate condition. They are also well maintained and clean.
. We offer affordable rates and excellent service.
. You can choose your prefered type of payment from our Easy-Payment Options.
. We operate 7 days a week and we also provide an emergency move service. We usually able to move you on a few hours of notice.
. If you don’t have any packing materials, notify us, we will provide packing materials at cost price!

What Should You Do Before The Move?

. Unplug all electronics such as television sets, computers, home stereos etc. This will allow it to cool down before the move.
. Pack as much as you can in advance, the more you pack, the more money you save. This also makes it less stressful on the day you moving.
. Label all your boxes and packing materials such as: clothing, kitchen utensils, kitchen appliances etc. By doing this, it is easier for you when unpacking.

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