Offices, Restaurant Equipment’s, Luxury Homes, Packing Arts .

Wherever you are moving to…and whatever you need to move… Sun Moving can provide you with personal and professional services that will exceed all your expectations. We’ve moved all types of businesses to and from Arizona, different types & sizes.

Our company provides the best services to all our clients who are treated as individual, with every move carried out being different from those of other clients.

We feel confident in our claim that the moving of your office furniture and/or personnel will be carried out smoothly and efficiently. We can provide labels and specialist crates should your staff wish to pack their own files and personal belongings or we can carry out these services for you leaving your staff free to carry out their duties right up until the last minute. Moving can be carried out to suit your schedule, during normal office hours or after your staff have finished for the day so as not to interrupt normal day to day working. They can even be carried out over a weekend to fit in with any other arrangements that may have to be made i.e. new telephone lines or the connection of other services.

*Sun Moving & Storage was founded in 1973 Sun Moving & Storage has almost 30 years of commercial moving experience. So we’ll be there next time your business moves, no wonder over 50% of our business comes from loyal customers and recommendations!

*Sun Moving & Storage have a highly regarded professional team of experienced, motivated and enthusiastic staff who have all been trained in-house, and in special training cources. Each team is carefully selected and briefed prior to the move and supervised by an experienced supervisor, as well as being monitored by the office.

*Sun Moving & Storage have the most modern, updated, state of the art equipment. Our trucks are all clean, and well maintained. We know that an on time pick-up, and a prompt delivery, are a Key to our continued success.

*Sun Moving & Storage open 7 dayes a week. We specialize in the last minute moves, and would generally be able to move you on a few hour notice. Whether you’re moving a few boxes, or an entire office/wharehouse, you will receive the same courteous, reliable, and prompt service.

*Sun Moving & Storage offers competitive pricing that gives you excellent value and offers easy-payment options (ask for details).

*Sun Moving & Storage provides free, no-obligation estimates for flate rate commercial moves.

Now call us on (602) 269 9444 or 1800-439-MOVE, you are in safe hands

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